Our Creativity Pt. 2

May 17, 2023

   Welcome to part two of the “Our Creativity” series in which we interview student artists about their craft. In this segment, we interviewed singer Aspen Lilywhite (12).

   Aspen is a singer. She is a member of Hazen Choir in both the Concert Choir and Vox Lumine (zero period) classes as a section leader. She is a TA for Mr. Viles during fourth period which is the entry-level high school girl’s choir. She sings mezzo, mezzo-soprano, and regular soprano.


   Singing was initially a way for Aspen “figure out” herself. Her mom wanted her to learn piano but she wanted to choose her own path. From there, her love and passion have only grown. When talking to her, you can feel the excitement and enthusiasm emanating from her for her art form. It’s contagious.

   “I feel like there are certain instruments that are meant for being heard [over recordings] and there are certain instruments that are meant for being heard in person…I believe that the voice is one of those instruments [that should be heard in person]…when you are performing music in real life, you can definitely feel the music coming off of you. It touches every part of you.”

   Music is a universal language. It has the unique ability to convey its meaning even if you don’t understand the language it’s written in. You feel the vibrations deep in your chest. It’s a joint body and mind experience which is what makes it so moving. “I think a great example of this is when I was in the Czech Republic and we were performing in Prague…We perform our last song which is called ‘O Star of Strength’ by Jessica French and the guy that was just there kind of looking nonchalantly at us, he starts bawling his eyes out because it was such a powerful piece to him. And that’s what I really like doing. I like getting a reaction out of people when I’m performing.”

   Aspen recently had surgery to get her tonsils removed which could have permanently damaged her vocal cords. She is currently in the process of retraining her voice and relearning how to sing. “I have more space in my mouth now from my tonsils being removed…I sound a bit squeaky, but I’m getting there.” Aspen is working really hard to get back to where she was because she loves her art form. She hopes to pursue music as a career and is committed to Central Washington University for music education.

   Through her hard work and dedication, she has collected an extensive repertoire of experience. “I’ve worked with Orchestra Seattle, which is now going as Harmonious Seattle. I’ve worked with the Northwest Boys choir, [and] of course, the Seattle Girls Choir. I have been on tour…to the Czech Republic [with Seattle Girls choir].” 

   Aspen shares that she very passionately believes that “everyone can sing, you just have to work at it. Right now, I sound really pitchy and I was really scared before surgery that I would never be able to sing again…I do sound different now, and I have to re-learn how to use my voice, but I still love doing it and I love that I’m around people who are supporting me through the process.”

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