War is Not Over

War is Not Over

This is a reminder that the war between Russia and Ukraine continues. Social media has many unproductive uses, but a beneficial use of these platforms is using them to spread awareness about war without misinformed news.

Modern media has not been covering the news of this issue recently, in turn, people have come to believe the war between Russia and Ukraine has ended. They’re not hearing about it anymore. People aren’t paying attention to the war because they are hearing about other things, the media is pushing this war aside. This makes people forget about the war and in turn, think that it is over. This state of mind stems from disinformation. Some don’t pay attention to war because it makes them sad.

This is such a harsh reality of conflict and can be emotionally overwhelming which can lead to some not wanting to acknowledge the news or social media coverage of the issue. We have become so distracted by the relevance of this issue, that it doesn’t take long at all to stop caring about the issue at hand because of the things around us. Our lack of concern will cause us danger as an outcome of this, if we can’t care enough then we won’t know where to look when we have threats in America.

Recent developments have been that Ukraine has been able to push Russia out of the places around the capital, Kyiv. Meaning that war is now concentrated in the South and Southeast parts of Ukraine. Recently, Russia has had several casualties such as the surrender of Kherson in the south, making Russia call 300,000 extra troops.

Recent developments include Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping meeting at China’s Belt and Road forum. They describe their relationship as having “no limits” and “no forbidden areas of cooperation,” after  Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to Vladimir Putin on his reelection as President of the Russian Federation and Xi Jinping said China stands ready to maintain close communication with Russia to promote sustained, sound, stable and in-depth development of China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era to the benefit of the two countries and the peoples.

Putin said, “The West started the war and Russia could not be defeated in battle.” Ukraine has received over $230 billion in support from the United States and surrounding countries in Europe. This conflict is not secluded, it is actively affecting the countries surrounding Ukraine and Russia, all forms of contact with Russia and Ukraine, and even the U.S. Congress. This can very well be the start of World War III and we need to follow.

In Russian borders, many protesters are arrested or fined. Social media platforms in Russia like Facebook, Instagram, and X(formerly Twitter) are all blocked. The United States’ attention was once completely on this subject, but the recent urgency has faded, It has been replaced by disinformation. In this day and age the news changes so rapidly, that the relevance of these important things has run off. These issues demand our attention and have become runaway interest.

The war is not just a battle between two countries. It has a huge impact globally, creating holes and distrust in international politics. It is estimated that more than 40,000 human lives have been taken on both sides. It is also estimated that about 8 million refugees have been displaced across Europe, in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, and Poland. This is the largest movement of Ukrainian refugees since the second World War. There has been colossal damage to buildings across both areas. 

 The coverage that this war used to receive has caused the people to develop their own opinions of the war, but also the people themselves, Which makes innocent Russian citizens seem like they are enemies. The people of Russia are not our enemies, they are victims to the people higher than them, blocking all forms of contact with the outside world and their human right to protest. Russian citizens are innocent and do not deserve to be pointed at as the enemy. The threats are the ones taking the lives of innocent people through violence. If we let these things distract us from the real issue we will not get anywhere with the real issue at hand and labeling Russian citizens as enemies only diverts attention from the actual threats at hand. The violence that claims innocent lives.  The United States must not let this distract us and overshadow the urgent need for resolution and justice.

It is most important that we look past these distractions. We have a responsibility to stay informed. The Russia and Ukraine war is not a piece of history waiting to happen, but a war in which the narrative is actively changing. We need to stay vigilant and seek reliable sources to cut through this misinformation and actively engage with ongoing developments. Despite it fading in our news feeds, it is our responsibility to approach the uncomfortable truth and cut through the misinformation and irrelevance that we are so distracted by. If we acknowledge these ongoing struggles and stay informed on them we contribute to a more informed perspective across the world. We should not let these crucial things stand in the shadow of our news outlets.

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