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March 29, 2023

The Kilt asked teachers and staff what song they liked to listen to in high school. We then interviewed students and asked what their favorite song was and had them react to each other’s songs. This shows similarities and differences between our generation, and previous generations. We suggest you listen to these new songs and give your own opinion on them You might find a new song or artist to vibe to.


  1. Ms. Garcia – Soy Peor (Bad Bunny)
  2. Mrs. Johnson – Thriller (Michaell Jackson)
  3. Mrs. Wong – Dope man (N.W.A.)
  4. Mr. Vandiver – Some Nights (Fun.)
  5. Mrs. Riley – Raspberry Beret (Prince, Revolution)
  6. Mrs. Madson – Just Like Heaven (The Cure)
  7. Mr. Taylor – Can You Feel Me (Dru Down)
  8. Mr. Buse – Possum kingdom (Toadies)
  9. Mr. Sanders – A Tribe Called Quest
  10. Mr. McKenzie – Video Games (Lana Del Rey)
  11. Mrs. Panerio – Fu-ge-la (Fugees)



  1. Zedrick Cabrera [12] – Duckworth (Kendrick Lamar)
  2. Duy Tran [9] – The oldest computer (the last night) (Childish Gambino)
  3. Gabriel Pivoda [10] – Last Friday night (Katy Perry)
  4. Renny Bui [10] – After Hours (TheWeeknd)
  5. Cecilia Gonzalez [10] – Midnight Rain (Taylor Swift)
  6. Alfredo Hernandez [9] – Running on E. (BrentFaiyaz)
  7. Ayden Che [11] – Straight out of Compton (NWA)
  8. Victoria Sazanova [11] – Born to Die (Lana Del Rey)
  9. Kimberly Lopez [11] – Point in My Life (Gucci Mane)




  1. Ms.Garcia (reacting to Duckworth) – “It’s really good, I like the beats and the vibes. It starts off smooth and then goes into the beat very nicely.”
  2. Mrs.Wong (reacting to Midnight Rain) – “You have to be in a chill, relaxed mood, it’s a little too slow for my liking, but it’s a good song and a definite vibe.”
  3. Mrs.Panerio (reacting to Running On E) – “I don’t mind it, but I wouldn’t listen to it leisurely.”
  4. Mr. Vandiver (reacting to Psycho Social) – “I like the song, it is a really rock-hard song. It’s kind of like an angry song, It makes me think of driving through traffic.
  5. Mrs. Riley (reacting to T.G.Q.) – “I like it because it’s in Spanish, though I don’t know what they’re saying. The beat is really good and makes me want to dance. I really like Shakira.”
  6. Mrs. Madson (reacting to Last Friday Night) – “She reminds me of a Valley girl. It’s not really my genre.”
  7. Mr. Taylor (reacting to The Oldest Computer) – “It feels like some young people music. It was not made for me, but I don’t judge. If that’s how y’all get down, that’s how y’all get down.”
  8. Mr. Sanders (reacting to Straight out of Compton) – “I like it, I grew up listening to this song. I’d say it’s not necessarily an appropriate song to listen to, but it’s still good.”



  1. Renny Bui [10] (reacting to Thriller) – “I like the song because his voice style is similar to the Weeknd. Just a lot nicer.”
  2. Cecilia Gonzalez [10] (reacting to Just Like Heaven) – “It’s a good song, I like the beat and the rhythm. It gives good energy.”
  3. Alfredo Hernandez [9] (reacting to Video Games) – “It’s a good production, I like her voice. It kind of makes me want to fall asleep though, a little too slow for my preference. But I still like the song.”
  4. Marcel Alfaro [12] (reacting to Raspberry Beret) – “It is very catchy and a fun song that makes you want to dance.”
  5. Ayden Che [11] (reacting to Some Nights) – “I like this song. I can picture myself driving home on a late night listening to this song.”
  6. Victoria Sazonova [11] (reacting to Soy Peor) – “It’s good, I like the song, I just don’t know what they’re saying.”
  7. Kimberly Lopez [11] (reacting to Fugee la) – “It’s very catchy. It makes me think of summer late-night drives.”

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