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50 People- Plans for Summer


Summers here, the school years ending, and we’re all moving into the next stage of school and/or life. The Highlander students are ready for summer break, while the Hazen staff can’t wait to celebrate the break from teenagers. In this 50 people’s article, we asked the students and staff for the last time before summer about all the fun things they’re looking forward to doing.

  1. Mina Phan (10) – “I’m excited for lake and pool days when we can go swimming. Hanging out with friends, and especially water gun and nerf gun fights.”


  1. Mrs. Garcia – “I’m excited for Gear Up college field trips. We’re doing an overnight trip to WASU, nature bridge outdoors, olympic peninsula college campus tours, and senior boot camps.”


  1. Marco Alberto (11) – “I’m going to play soccer with my friends and sleep in. I’m also looking forward to getting a car.”


  1. Ms. Matlick – “I’m going to the San Juan Islands and a Taylor Swift concert in July with my friends, and I’m going to a wedding. But I’m most excited about going to Japan with friends.”


  1. Amy Anderson (11) – “I’m excited to travel with my family, I might go tations.”


  1. Manny Ramos (11) – “I’m going to be working with my parents and become richer and richer.”o Vietnam. Also, I’m probably going to go on college trips and prepare for college applic


  1. Aliyah Abbas (10) – “I’m going to a lot of concerts, but I’m looking forward to late  night drives and going to the beach.”


  1. Abby Hecita (11) – “I can’t wait for summer because I don’t have to worry about homework, working and going out as much as I want.”


  1. Emily Fung (10) – “I’m going to hang out with my friends and probably go on vacation.


  1. Tonoharu Noguchi (10) – “I’m going to Japan because I’m from there and I’m going to see a lot of family.”


  1. Mr. Nguyen – “I’m looking forward to potential training at foster high school.”


  1.  Cody Pham (11) – “I’m trying to quit chipotle at Factoria and find a new job. I’m also going to Oregon to see family and to California to go to Universal Studios.”


  1. Ashley Ma (11) – “I’m going to be traveling a lot but also working. You know, spending money and making money.”


  1. Sina Equbazgi (11) – “I’m excited for summer track and swimming.”


  1.  Ms.Mason – “I’m excited because me and my family are going to Cabo’s San Lucas, Mexico. We’re also going on two or three camping trips, my kids have summer sports, and I’m playing volleyball with my husband. But above all things, I’m happy I can sleep in and do whatever I want. No grading, and no talking to teenagers.”


  1.  Jennifer Lopez (11) – “Ima get a job and go camping.”


  1.   Ms. Storer – “I’m looking forward to competing in the National Appaloosa championship. I’m competing with two horses instead of one.”


  1.  Caleb Smith (9) – “I’m excited to go to beaches, working out, spending time with friends, and my birthday in summer.”


  1. Benjamin BradShaw (11) – “I’m looking forward to being able to play football, working out,  and just hanging with friends.”


  1. Issac Ruiz (12) – “I’m gonna continue working hard in order to get that bag, you know.”


  1. Annel Arciga (11) – “This summer I’m going to be getting my driver’s license!”


  1. Samuel Chavez (10) – “I’ll be able to see my girlfriend more often and I’m gonna start working more.”


  1. Daniel Ramirez (9) – “I’m going to try and save up enough for a car so when I get my license I’ll be able to drive.”


  1. Owen Collins (11) – “I’m traveling to San Diego which will be fun!”


  1. Giovanni Garcia-Mata (11) – “There’s going to be a soccer tournament that I’ll be going to.”


  1. Finn Gilberg (10) – “I’m happy that school will be over and I’ll be able to sleep in more. Also just chilling with the homies.”


  1. Seth Long (10) – “Heading to the skate spots with friends and enjoying the heat.” 
  2. Tiana Flores (10) – “I’ll be working more hours and also playing beach volleyball with the gals.”


  1. Ethan Do (10) – “Relaxing with friends and trying to pull girls too.”


  1. Briel Stoudamaire (10) – “In summer I’ll be able to skate more with the homies, go out to the lake more often, and have longer days to do as I please.”


  1. Jc Contreras (11) – “Working more to get that bag and also heading out to the gym more for them gains.”


  1. Abel Orquiz (10) – “Playing soccer with the boys and being in the hot weather.”


  1. Vicente Lopez-Jacobs (11) – “I’m going to Germany for a month for exchange, doing an architecture program in Colorado, and going sailing for a week.”


  1. Kianu Vo (11) – “I’m going on vacation to Baltimore and California for soccer camps.”


  1. Ben Dao (10) – “I’m taking a pretty large vacation over the summer. I’m going to Thailand, Japan, and Laos which is exciting. I’m also doing a lot of summer camps with friends.”


  1. Lexi Novak (11) – “I’ll be able to go to the beach more often with my friends which is something I’m really excited for.”


  1. Justin Phan (10) – “I’m looking forward to going to Canada and visiting my family. I can’t wait to eat the food over there and I’m going to get a lot of boba over summer.”


  1. Ms. Han – “I’m going to Cancún right when school gets out. I’m also going to Vancouver and Canada later during the summer.”


  1. Susana Garcia (9) – “I’m waiting to see if I get to go to Mexico this summer which will be an exciting trip for sure. I’m also happy I get to sleep more which is always nice.”


  1. Jesus Galarga (12) – “Going out with friends since I’ve been busy lately. It’s going to be nice to have the time to actually chill and not worry about things.”


  1. Kimberly Lopez (11) – “I’m going camping this summer and also visiting Diablo Lake with my family.”


  1. Marcus McCarthy (11) – “I’m planning on playing baseball and chilling during summer”


  1. Thuy Nguyen (10) – “I’m going back to Vietnam to go visit my family”


  1. Quinn Lilywhite (11) – “I’m going to be working and sleeping, but still grinding at the gym.”


  1. Victoria Sazonova (11) – “I’m going to be traveling a lot, also working and catching up on sleep.”


  1. Dayanara Cano (11) – “I’m working, traveling, and sleeping.”


  1. Daniel Zamora (11) – “I’m looking forward to going swimming, getting a  break from school and work and finally being able to relax. Of course, I’ll still be going to the gym.”


  1. Ian Hou (11) – “I’m looking forward to getting a job and making money.”


  1. Paisley Lai (11) – “I’m looking forward to no school and chilling.”


  1. Kelsie Do (11) – “I’m looking forward to playing games with my friends and going on walks.”

These are the many activities and plans that our fellow Hazen Highlanders are going to be doing this summer. Do you see anything that you’ll also be doing? Is there anything that you want to add to your summer bucket list? Either way, have a great summer everyone and remember to stay hydrated!

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