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Why Parents Matter Most in Children’s Lives

Graphic Courtesy | Nya Kunigk

We live in a world full of distractions. People zip past us, but there is one variable that always stays in a kid’s life— the influence and company of the parents. There is a lot of say on what is significant in a child’s life, but I strongly believe that the parents take up a huge role, they impact the most.

Parents are the first and last teachers a child has in their life prior to and much after they are in a classroom. Parents introduce language, and initial habits, and give an understanding of the world around them. They introduce ethics: Right from wrong, values, and morals that the child maybe wouldn’t receive without them. These lessons will stay with them for the rest of their life and will take part in their decisions and actions. In this world, all children will face difficulties.

Parents are there as a safety blanket for children to go to. They make a safe space where children can talk about their feelings, seek comfort during rough times, and celebrate achievements. This emotional support is so important for the child and their mental and emotional well-being. School means a lot, it teaches children to interact with others and even basic human needs, but parents are needed for that too. Parents help the child’s passion for learning.

Let’s say you live in a household with not much communication and you feel as if you teach yourself that you only need yourself, that student probably won’t have the same motivation towards school as a child who has an amazing relationship with their parents and they motivate the child to learn. I am sure they will both do just fine but parents are pivotal in children’s development and learning and have an active role whether they’re the ones teaching or not. A parent helps with homework, takes part in educational activities, and inspires them to learn more. Parents are the ones who create a bond with children and their passion for learning.

Children look up to their parents and view them as role models. They watch how their parents treat others, handle conflict, and take on responsibilities. Have you ever watched your parents take on a conflict and they inspire you so you see yourself driving it the same way, I know I have. 

These parent roles build the child’s character, behavior, aspirations, and ambitions. When a parent encourages and loves their child it creates and builds a child’s self-esteem. A child with healthy self-esteem is more likely to embrace a challenge, take risks, and pursue their goals. And a parent who can give a secure environment is more likely to create independence. A parent who can give guidance and also give room for self-discovery helps the child find and even further pursue their passions.

A parent plays such an important role in their children’s lives, yet parents are never perfect. Parenting is very difficult, and mistakes can, and definitely do, happen but that can make a valuable teaching moment. Showing flexibility and capacity for growth. We live in a place where outside influences and distractions are unavoidable. Parents are always there. The lessons they taught become a guiding light, helping their children through all kinds of issues they may face in this world.

While the outside world, people around us, and technology give us different perspectives, the core principles and beliefs that were given to us by our parents are stuck as our foundation. In the end, parents are not just important. They are the most important and are crucial in their children’s lives. Their influence goes all the way through life, parents don’t just shape children they shape adults and other parents. As the world comes and goes the significance of parents doesn’t move whatsoever, reminding us that all parents impact most in children’s lives.

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