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Point after point, basketball is the quickest-scoring game. Points can rack up in a second, and you can move from losing to winning within the Quarter. Most importantly, there is a place for everyone in basketball. Basketball players rely on their ability to run up and down the court, they rely on their teammates for help, and they always keep their head on a swivel. They need to be able to trust in their teammates and communicate with each other. 





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Hazen VS Renton, Loss, 83-46

Hazen VS Liberty, Loss, 73-36

Hazen VS Highline, Win 52-48

Hazen VS Mercer Island, Loss, 48-45

Hazen VS Bellevue, Loss, 96-41

Hazen VS Lake Washington, Loss, 66-54

Hazen VS Thomas Jefferson, Win, 65-53

Hazen VS Kent Meridian, Loss, 50-45

Hazen VS Juanita, Win, 58-55

Hazen VS Interlake, Win, 59-52

Hazen VS Lindbergh, Loss, 57-42

Hazen VS Liberty, Loss, 70-30

Hazen VS Jaunita, Win, 65-52

Hazen VS Mercer Island, Loss, 60-48

Hazen VS Interlake, Loss, 59-47

Hazen VS Sammamish, Loss, 81-56

Hazen VS Lake Washington, Loss, 65-45


   De-vaugh (Devo) Daniels is a senior on the varsity squad, who is known for playing center. He started playing basketball in 2023. He’s been watching the sport his whole life and adores how cool basketball is. He says that with it being such a popular sport in his culture, he just loves being a part of it. Being on the court gives him the adrenaline rush of a lifetime, and he is always able to have a little bit of fun on the court. The crowd is a big motivator for him, and even during a bad game he just keeps saying to himself, effort is the important thing. 

   Jackson Foster is a sophomore playing on the varsity basketball team, who specializes in being a shooting guard. His passion for basketball started around second grade, as he would watch his brother play and learn that he wanted to be a part of the sport also, along with finding a lot of enjoyment in the sport. Jackson keeps on playing to hopefully play in college and he just prioritizes continuously getting better and being the best version of himself on the court. He was very happy to make varsity and spent his time during the summers playing club basketball to keep himself prepared for the school season. Gamedays are always fun, and even during a bad game he just pushes through and looks towards the next game.


Junior Varsity

Scores: Junior Varsity

Hazen VS Renton, Loss, 50-24

Hazen VS Liberty, Win 50-48

Hazen VS Highline, Win, 49-37

Hazen VS Mercer Island, Win 58-49

Hazen VS Bellevue, Loss, 88-59

Hazen VS Lake Washington, Loss, 56-52

Hazen VS Thomas Jefferson, Win, 73-38

Hazen VS Kent Meridian, Win, 69-57

Hazen VS Juanita, Win, 73-59

Hazen VS Interlake, Win, 51-45

Hazen VS Lindbergh, Win, 59-44

Hazen VS Liberty, Loss, 47-39

Hazen VS Juanita, Loss, 52-45

Hazen VS Mercer Island, Loss, 70-63

Hazen VS Interlake, Win, 55-45

Hazen VS Sammamish, Win, 60-47

Hazen VS Lake Washington, Loss, 49-44

   Christian Fischer is a sophomore and a small forward on junior varsity. He started playing the sport at around five years old and came to the sport because of his older brother. He keeps playing for the fun of the sport, and it gives him something to look forward to. He wants to try and continue to play basketball throughout his education and follow it through. Christian’s mom is the main source of his motivation. She has sacrificed a lot for him, and that makes him grateful and pushes him. 




Hazen VS Renton, Win, 69-25

Hazen VS Kentridge, Loss, 39-38

Hazen VS Liberty, Loss, 56-29

Hazen VS Newport, Win, 60-55

Hazen VS Mercer Island, Loss, 57-50

Hazen VS Bethel, Loss, 42-40

Hazen VS Bellevue, Win, 50-45

Hazen VS Lake Washington, Loss, 60-49

Hazen VS Auburn Mountainview, Win, 57-20

Hazen VS Meadowdale, Loss, 74-63

Hazen VS Juanita, Loss, 42-32

Hazen VS Interlake, Win, 57-34

Hazen VS Lake Washington, Loss, 81-48

   Allie Harris is a junior who specializes in being a center. She started basketball in sixth grade, but it wasn’t until high school that she gained her passion for basketball. She continues to play to stay in shape for her other sports, along with being able to hang out with her teammates and continuing to enjoy the sport she loves. She is the child of two basketball players and grew up with it in the household. While she plans to finish out high school playing basketball, she isn’t looking to continue in college. Her mom keeps her going and teaches her to do what is best, which for Allie is basketball. And when a difficult game comes she always remembers what her dad taught her, which is her mind should be like a goldfish, forget, and continue. 

   India Andrews is a senior who plays point or shooting guard. She started playing basketball in first grade, and whilst her parents put her in the sport to keep her active, she learned to love the game. She enjoys the sport and finds that there is fun all around. She doesn’t plan to continue with college, but she’s gotten this far from the love and support she’s received from her team. The girls have made it so fun for her to continue, and even during a bad game with her team, she continues to focus on the next play.


Junior Varsity


Hazen VS Renton, Win, 59-23

Hazen VS Kentridge, Loss, 61-15

Hazen VS Liberty, Loss, 59-12

Hazen VS Newport, Loss, 45-45

Hazen VS Bethel, Loss, 41-33

Hazen VS Bellevue, Loss, 58-25

Hazen VS Lake Washington, Loss, 63-20

Hazen VS Auburn Mountainview, Win, 32-30

Hazen VS Meadowdale, Loss, 53-31

Hazen VS Juanita, Loss, 42-35

Hazen VS Interlake, Win, 26-17

Hazen VS Lindbergh, Win, 59-18

Hazen VS Kennedy Catholic, Loss, 35-27

Hazen VS Liberty, Loss, 52-27

Hazen VS Juanita, Loss, 57-20

Hazen vs Interlake, Win, 42-27

Hazen VS Lake Washington, Loss, 48-16

   Mable Egan is a freshman who specializes in being a point guard. She’s been playing on and off since fifth grade, and started for the community of basketball and then the sport itself. She loves playing the sport with her friends and her team. She wants to continue in high school but not college. She loves having her friends support her, and her motivation is to keep her head up and put her best foot forward.

The Guide To Basic Basketball 

Point Guard- Normally the shortest player and best ball handler/passer. Their position is meant to lead their teams in assists and create shots for everyone around them. They direct the plays, have good pacing, and have a high basketball IQ.

Shooting Guard- Often referred to as a wing, the player needs to know position tactics. Their shooting skills are extremely valuable, and they need to know how to get into open space to create shots.

Small Forward- They are the most versatile position. They can do just about everything, from scoring, rebounding, handling the ball, passing, and if they have the skill, also defending. They need to be quick and strong, being good long-range shorts and accurate foul shooting.

Power Forward- This person is the team’s most powerful and dependable scorer. They need to be able to score close to the basket, along with jump shots. They need to be skilled in offense and defense, but not as much as a small forward. They normally have good footwork and can draw players into bad shots.

Center- This position is reserved for the tallest player, who gains points from near-the-basket shots. Their known to be skilled at rebounds, and contesting shots. Normally their goals are trying to create possession and take opportunities to score.


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