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Running Start vs. Hazen


For incoming Juniors and Seniors, it can get overwhelming when having to choose between doing part-time running start, full-time running start, or full-time Hazen. Each of them has its own sets of strengths and challenges. I know personally, that there are some aspects I love about being a full-time Hazen student, like seeing my friends every day. However, I don’t love all the aspects like having to wake up at 5:30 am every morning isn’t easy.

There are people who do each of these types of schooling, love it, and would recommend it to everyone. While there are others who regret their choices. With registration for running start starting up, I wanted to interview students at Hazen and ask them their opinions on the schooling they decided to do this year.

I interviewed Grace Harkins (11), who is a current part-time running start student, Christina Truong (11), who is currently a full-time running start student, and Aubrey Manikhoth (11), who is a full-time Hazen student this year. Each of them shared a typical day in their lives when it comes to school work and how they balance each of their extracurricular activities and what the plan for next year is if they want to continue their current schooling, or if they want to switch it up for their Senior year.

Are you a part-time running start, full-time running start, or full-time Hazen? All of them shared what type of schooling they are doing. Harkins (11), said, “Currently, I am a part-time running start.” Truong (11) stated, “As of right now, I am a full-time running start.” Manikhoth (11) replied, “I am a full-time Hazen this year.” 

Why did you choose this path? All of them explained why they chose the path that they did. Harkins (11), explained, “I chose this path because it sounded a lot more freeing than the high school classroom setting.” Truong (11) shared, “I choose this path because it works with my schedule.” Manikoth (11) said, “I chose this path because I had specific credits and classes I wanted to do at Hazen my junior year.” 

Explain the daily workload. All of them explained the daily workload for their specific type of schooling. Harkins (11) shared, “Right now I’m taking math, so it’s a lot of work throughout the day, but my other classes have been pretty light.” Truong (11) said, “The daily workload is a lot, but it’s a lot of filler work, studying for my classes takes 1-3 hours though.” Manikhoth (11) replied, “The workload can be pretty heavy, especially with studying and completing homework for APs.” 

Do you do extracurriculars and if so how is it balancing that as well as school? All of them explained how they balance school along with extracurriculars. Harkins (11) stated, “I play soccer and I haven’t struggled with balancing it along with school, if anything it’s easier to balance.” Truong (11) explained, “Yes, I do an extracurricular.  It helps me balance as I have more time to dedicate to my extracurriculars. Manikhoth (11) said, “Yes, I do extracurriculars and it can be hard balancing the two, but I just do the urgent stuff first.” 

Do you regret that path you took? Why or why not? All of them shared why they don’t regret the schooling path they took. Harkins (11) replied, “No, I don’t regret the path I took because I like running start and I feel like it has benefitted me a ton.” Truong (11) shared, “No, I don’t regret the path I took because it gives me some credits for the college that I want to go to.” Manikhoth (11) explained, “I don’t regret the path I chose because I’ve learned a lot of valuable things this year.” 

What is your plan regarding classes for next year? All of them shared what type of schooling they are planning on doing for the upcoming school year. Harkins (11) explained, “My plan for next year is to continue taking BC classes (mostly electives).” Truong (11) said, “My plan for next year is to be a full-time running start.” Manikhoth (11) stated, “I’m planning on doing part-time running start next year to switch up my current environment.” 

No matter what type of schooling you decide to do for your Junior and Senior years, it can get overwhelming. Doing part-time or full-time running start is beneficial as it allows you to complete your work at your own pace, but doing full-time Hazen allows you to interact with your classmates and your teachers. When picking which schooling path to take it’s really up to you and your schedule as well as what credits you need to graduate. However, sometimes, it’s still hard to decide. So, hopefully, to the incoming Juniors and Seniors reading this, it has helped you figure out which schooling is best for you for the upcoming school year.


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