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Teachers Academy: A Deep Dive Into a Future Educators Journey


For countless students, the ambition to carve a path in the world of education has always been of significance. Have you ever found yourself deeply intrigued, pondering tirelessly over what it truly entails to shape the future as an educator? Whether your aspirations lie within the vibrant classrooms of K-12 or the intellectually stimulating halls of college-level education, the journey is filled with numerous, rigorous steps that often remain shadowed, unnoticed by the public. Yet, starting this journey as early as possible can set the foundations for a rewarding career.
It can come as quite a shocker to discover that Hazen, along with the entire Renton School District, has been the main source of support behind the Teachers Academy program for years, a program meticulously designed to guide high school students toward achieving their academic certification.
Should you find yourself both intrigued and meet the prerequisites for a transformative experience like the Teachers Academy, I recommend that you delve deeper into this narrative. Take a look into the intricate workings and the nurturing environment of Renton’s Teacher Academy and its connected club, Educators Rising. Even if the students who take this class do not become teachers; the skills they learn in the class can help them in multiple work fields. Educators Rising is a class connected to Teacher Academy. People from the class are in the club automatically, but anyone can be in the club.
One of the schools that students of the Educators Rising and Teachers Academy program, is Hilltop Heritage Elementary School located in Renton, Highlands. The K-5 school provides a safe and diverse foundation for staff and students to create a well-shaped environment for future educators to practice in. Within the school, several Hazen students are assigned to specific classrooms of all grade levels. Whether it be composing and decomposing math problems, vocabulary study, and even basic literature, future educators can be depended on to assist with the class curriculum and engagement. An overall inspiring aspect seen within the program would be the student’s ability to handle the sometimes high-tension classroom when working with such young age groups. Being able to see the work from the program’s attendees when it comes to de-escalating a situation to maintain focus in the classroom. These well-made abilities and honorable talents to maintain and thrive in a fast-paced environment such as the classroom allow a new perspective to be seen in the hardships that many educators face in today’s society. Skills such as these create a well-spread portfolio of experience that can be considered a necessity in the education system.
Educators Rising program coordinator and director, Carla Smith takes much pride in the students’ hard work and talents when it comes to noticing the diverse aspects of work within the program. Acknowledging the constant need for diverse educators within the program and schools provided in the program connects the honorable purpose of this project, with the shared goal to create a future of a strong and loving education system that everyone can enjoy.

To learn the inner workings of the program, The Kilt staff sat down with Carla Smith.

What is your vision for the Educators Rising club, and how do you plan to make it a valuable experience for new members?

We become a resource for leaders in the Renton School District to know that we are equipped and ready to serve in all grade schools. Students who are in Teacher Academy or the club feel a sense of calling to change the world one student at a time. The best way is to have our club members understand what the school and student body need and communicate that with our adult leaders so they can make that a reality. It’s more organic to have students in peer work together to understand what is needed to create a sense of belonging, caring, and value and what needs to be done to get adults on board as well.

How will you encourage and support students in developing their teaching skills, and what resources will you provide to help them achieve their goals?

Resources are the teaching internships that equip students with strategies and tools to work with students so that they can be set up for success. Nobody wants to go into a risky situation and feel that they have no expectations or what their goal is. Students will understand what they can offer to a classroom and what value they bring. By working with real students now also defeats the concept of waiting for later to make a meaningful change; you can start from right now.

Can you share an example of a successful project or event you’ve led in the past, and what the process of organizing it was like?

The end-of-the-year showcase is life-changing for students because it gathers all their learning for the year and best work efforts and compiles them into a wonderful celebration. It’s a walkthrough with students to see their accomplishments and gives them a chance to demonstrate what their experience was like throughout the year. There’s a lot of work and invitations to send out, but it’s a perfect celebration of their maturity and progression throughout the year.

This event takes place May 16, at 6:00

What are your expectations for club members, and how will you hold them accountable for their responsibilities and commitments?

An expectation is that there is a genuine interest in the class and subject matter alongside the fact that people are excited to be a part of the class. Building community and networking between students is also an important component too. We have some competitions that are incredible and important, but ultimately the class isn’t just about that. Ideally, there would be more people attending the club every other Friday since the outreach is there, but the importance of connecting future educators to build unity is integral to what this club is aiming to do.

In your eyes, how do you define success for Educators Rising and what do you see as the end goal you hope to achieve?

This very much is a personal dream of mine, but having Educators Rising start a lunch table opportunity where no one is eating lunch alone. There it truly means that they understand the true power of teaching and the sacrifices. Teaching is about sacrifice and helping people feel more comfortable.

We should make a pull quote about what she always says. “

“I want to create a safe space where people don’t have to feel alone, especially at lunch. Eating is a basic need and we forget there is a lot connected to food. I loved college so much because there were people who would save me a place.”

The future of how learning is approached within the classroom is an integral part of preparing all rising educators for what’s to come. Innovation is key if we’re going to build off of the pre-established alongside seeking newfound strategies and styles to improve further. A resource right here at Hazen that understands this

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